Himalaya Anti Stress Incense Sticks 15gm ( Made From Essential Oils )

Model No:hw-as

BRAND:Himalaya Incense

  • Himalaya premium incense sticks is specially designed to make you feel refreshed and light after a long tiring at the office and Home. Burning these incense sticks for religious rituals like prayer meets or during spiritual practices like yoga and meditation can create a peaceful and positive ambiance.
  • Himalaya Agarbatti induce a breath of fresh air in the homes, they are also used in many offices for their lingering aromas. Hand crafted with quality fragrance.Enables people to overcome their inhibitions and relax, calm frayed nerves
  • Incense has been used in India by people of various cultures since a long time. Lighting incenses has been known to leave rooms fragrant for a while after the incense stick has actually exhausted. Incense sticks can be used for prayers as well as to keep the rooms smelling good.
  • Multi-purpose fragrances are the perfect combination to support every mood resolving requirement – from relieving anxiety, support anti-depressant efforts, alleviate sadness, feel calmer and even enhance positive moods.
  • Suitable for gifting : add more aroma to your loved one's life by getting them these fragrance sticks on occasions such as diwali, rakhi and other festive events

Made From Essential Oils

A soothing and relaxing fragrance that relaxes your mind and body, relieves stress and promotes tranquality.

Recommended for: Destressing & Relaxing


Quantity Unit : Dozen
Box Contant : 15Gms X 12 Packs = 180 Gms