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About Surya Sales !

The Surya Sales uses the traditional indian art of hand rolled incense. We promotes non-pollutant ingrediants and are committed to the protection and preservation of the environment. Most of oue ingredients are grown in the clean air and water of the himalayas.

Our products are the combination of old fashioned values and new horizons. Traditional culture and modern technologies. The result is a unique harmony of supreme aromas.

We are in the business of incense agarbathies since 1974. We have grown from strength of strength, keeping pace with time.

Our efforts and dedication are mirrored in the exquisite quality of our products. The Surya Sales unfolds the huge collection of fragrances. That unfolds magical mysteries. From traditional floral, through modern cosmetics, to original food fragrances. to give you the satisfaction, experienced never before.

The organisational vision, and a strong ethos in business practice, is ably managed by Mr. Om Prakash Gupta & Deepesh Gupta. Who are very much a part of the mission to creat innovative system, tools and programs giving its managers a condusive environment for learning, and its staff motivation to develop and consolidate its position in the market.